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back for a moment.

ohmygosh! I knew it had been a while since I blogged!  But in all seriousness, I had no idea it had been last February!!! I just looked at my last post, and wow.  so long ago.  Good grief, time passes quickly!  I do feel a little like I’m new to this all over again.  Like in the original beginning of this blog, when a good, dear, bossy friend told me he had started a blog for me.  not kidding.  I grin now, but was really scared to death then.  I have nothing of value to say!  Walking out in faith on a limb.  And as my life continues to be busy, I really have less “hands on” mothering to do these days, yet still find little time to blog.  Not sure exactly how that happens, except probably there is just less “me” time at home than there used to be.  New seasons, new learning curves.  (even now, I write this with some golf tournament on the tv, and a “commentator” in the leather recliner)

Thanks if there are any of you still out there. 🙂 Know that I have prayed for you just now, and asked God to profoundly stir your affections for Him, and motivate you more in His Word, and the Life He offers there,  than ever before.  May you find that you love Him more  right now than you ever have before.

After so long a time away, you would think I would have a ton to say.  Maybe.  However, I want to leave you with just a thought or two.  I hope to be back before another 7 months pass.   I have found myself to cling tighter to the Lord than ever before as difficulties have come recently, and truly, have experienced the joy of the Lord, and His peace, even in the midst of troubles and challenges.  I know that is not my doing.  It is all Jesus.  He. is. my. Life.  I hope and pray that He is yours, too.


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