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Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.”  Hebrews 11:1

IN WORD You’ve asked God to deal with a problem in your life.  You pray for His help daily, hoping He will intervene.  You are burdened beyond comfort, carrying your stress into your relationships and your work, letting it affect your health and your devotion.

Sound familiar?  You may not be going through such a trial at the moment, but nearly everyone has, at one time or another.  And when we find ourselves in such a position, we turn to God for His help.  It sounds spiritual, and perhaps it is.  But it isn’t faith.

Faith doesn’t hold on to worry and stress.  Faith doesn’t hope that maybe God might possibly consider that perhaps we’ve met all the right conditions and prayed for the right things so He can potentially grant us what He wills.  No, there’s an assurance in real faith that knows God will answer us according to His goodness.  Faith doesn’t necessarily have all the details in place, but it always has in mind the One who holds all details in His hands.  It is supremely confident in the will of God, whatever that will happens to be.  Faith allows us to rest.

IN DEED  Don’t confuse pleading with  God and believing God.  Both are appropriate, but only one qualifies as faith.  Many have pleaded for God to intervene but have had no confidence or even awareness of His power and His goodness.  Real faith, on the other hand, is absolutely certain that the invisible God has a visible answer for us.

Make real faith your goal. Consider who God is, and then ask yourself why you might have reason to worry.  You’ll have a hard time coming up with a legitimate basis for your anxiety.  When you get to the point where you can be sure – whether you see it or not – that God is taking care of you and will always take care of you, and that His care is the best there is or ever could be, then you have arrived at a position of faith. Ask God to bring you there, and then sit down and rest in that place.  This is where God commends His people.

“Belief is a truth held in the mind. Faith is a fire in the heart.” – Joseph Fort Newton


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*first of all, I’m so touched, blessed, and appreciative of all that our servicemen and women do to to protect our country. Your selfless dedication and service are priceless to us.  Seriously, I have a husband who practically runs to anyone in uniform to shake their hand, and thank them.  No matter where we are.  It makes my eyes tear up every time.  every. time.  My heart swells with gratitude for them.

As I was on a walk earlier, just by myself, quietly reflecting on the beauty around me, I realized once again how blessed we are to live in the country.  Thank you to each of you who help insure our freedom.  God bless you, and yours.



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ooops!  I almost forgot to tell you!  The LORD refreshed and restored us yesterday with this……….

Can you see it?!!  RAIN!!!  i continue to praise Him for His bounty!!!  It was so soothing to my soul……

love to you!

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Thanks so much for your patience lately – things have been hectic, and crazier than normal around my place.  Best thing this week?!!  Got my GIRL HOME from her first year of college!!!  She and I had a mini-road trip (she had come home for the weekend), gathered up the last of her things, she took a few finals, andalso in those few days, we met with three different couples/families that we love so dearly.  Oh, how I loved time with each of them!  I pondered it as I drove us home – God has truly blessed me with relationships with many Christ-followers that I truly love and look up to.  They sharpen me, and challenge me, and encourage me.  He is so much better to me than He has to be – giving me a wealth of loved ones that love Him, and help me to love Him more.  I’m so grateful to God for His rich blessings.  So, we had such a fun few days!  Of course, getting to stay with my beloved Adam and Laura was a special bonus!  Love my people so so much……..

Thank you for praying for our neighbors Tom and Ruth, and their grandson Bennett!  Ruth’s surgery went well, and she is recovering nicely.  Bennett?  I was all prepared to tell you all the great news that we had been hearing, then this recent post came to my inbox.  I will let you read Bennett’s mom’s update, written late Thursday night……..”The past couple of days have been rough for us. I’ve learned that a good day can easily be followed by a not so good day. Yesterday, we noticed Bennett was being extra fussy and a low grade fever was developing. In our new way of life, this means calling the oncology doctor. She recommended taking Bennett to the ER at Children’s so they could do a blood culture and check for an infection. At the ER, the nurses had difficulty accessing his port, which is always traumatizing, but finally were able to get blood to send to the lab. 5 hours later, we were cleared to go home because his blood counts were still high. No infection was detected, but the blood culture would be back in a couple of days showing if there was something going on in his blood. So we went home, and then in the middle of the night, Bennett’s ear drum ruptured. I felt like calling the ER back and telling them I found the source of the infection, but I didn’t. Instead I went into the cancer clinic today so Bennett’s oncologist could do an exam. She found that his other ear drum was also bulging, causing him excruciating pain. With antibiotics and ear drops, his ears should heal quickly considering his white blood cell count is high right now. While I was in the clinic, I got the test results of Bennett’s bone marrow test. Unfortunately, the percentage of leukemia left in Bennett’s bone marrow is 0.03%. This puts Bennett in a high risk category from here on out. I think I was completely unprepared for this news. Every part of me thought that Bennett would remain a low risk patient. Form this point on, I really didn’t absorb much of what the doctor told me. I know she said that these next two months, known as Consolidation, are going to be very tough on Bennett. More intense types of chemotherapy are used, at home and in the clinic. The side effects are worse, and the length of this phase will be twice as long than if he were low risk. We will find out more when we go back to the clinic next Tuesday for the beginning of this treatment phase. I have no idea what to expect from here on. We will look to God for the strength we need to push us through this journey. Please pray with us as we face this new phase in Bennett’s fight against cancer. Please continue to pray, that no matter how difficult this road gets, we can handle it. ”

So, as you can see, the praying must continue for this precious little guy and his family!  I know God hears, and I believe Him.  Please continue to believe Him with us.  If you are interested in following his story, you can find him at caringbridge.org/visit/bennettwilliams.  Thank you on behalf of this dear family for your intercession.  May God alone be glorified in all this!

That’s all the time I have now, but will try to share more soon.  Know this today, dear one – the Creator of the universe is totally crazy about you – He delights in you, and rejoices over you with singing……so go live as that dearly loved one today……

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