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my beloved people!

Apparently, I’ve had little time to meet with my computer lately.  Sorry about that.  I can tell a couple of you are on pins and needles as to what the excitement was! 🙂

So, here we go…….A couple months ago, one of my husband’s co-workers contacted me to begin the process of giving my man a surprise party.  He is now officially “semi-retired” and this dear co-worker wanted to make sure he was properly thanked for his years of  loyal service and hard work.  I thought it was a great idea, and was so blessed just by the thought of it. However, I was totally overwhelmed when I slowly heard that ALL  of our children would come to town for it!  (you realize, they either live way out of state, or way out of town, and all have such busy careers, or college!) I was so very proud of all of them. So grateful for their commitment to their dad.

So, here’s the deal.  For these two months, I’ve held it in.  I had kept it a secret. Totally.  I didn’t ever lie to my man, but I didn’t always reveal the whole truth. It felt exciting, and wrong, all wrapped up into one. I was so full of delight, and anticipation.  I was super happy that we would have our beloved family here – I was overthetop joyful at the thrill of it.  That coupled with some beautiful spring weather, just had me singing for joy.

The day of the party, the kids came in at different times, but by the time we were to arrive at the restaurant, we were all assembled.  Let me also explain that for this particular day, my husband had also been serving as driver for many of the company folks who had come in from out of town for these meetings.  So he was pretty tired.  And ready to be home.  He walks into the private room at the back of this great Mexican food restaurant, and is stunned to see me.  (no, I’m serious – he couldn’t figure out why I was there.) Once he spotted his sons and daughter, he realized something was up!  I think he is still surprised when he thinks about it!  He could not get over it.  As the evening went on, many of his co-workers gave him the gift of encouragement through their words, and also among some funny gifts, he also received a book of letters many of his co-workers had written to him.  Beautiful.  That night, I had the supreme joy of having all my people asleep under my very own roof (though we certainly missed Kate being with us – we understand her commitment in her studies!)  My mama’s heart was brimming over with contentedness…….

Though the next few days were super-fun, and full, don’t let me give you the impression that we are the next Norman Rockwell picture!  We are real.  and messy sometimes.  We had some tough family moments, and went through some tense talks, etc.  Family is sometimes hard.  amen?!  However, our time together was amazing – it began really well, and ended very well too.  And we had lots of fun memories, and great laughs throughout.  We love deeply.

Now that my man and I are back in our empty nest, I can reflect on the entire time with family here as one of the highlights of my spring.  I know Mitch feels the same way.  I smile, and recall it with such fondness.  I miss them already!


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bout to burst!!!

I am having one of those days that is just joy on top of joy!  Had one of those lately?  I am totally full of the joy of the Lord, for sure!  So many things coming together to create such delight in me.  Unfortunately, I can’t tell you about it.  yeah, bummer.  I mean, I’d really like to, but just too risky right now……..

stay tuned.

one thing I can tell you – is that I am loving Passion 2011 new cd – Here for You!!!  Reliving some powerful, faith filled, spiritually joyful moments at this event.  If you do not have it already, RUN to itunes, or your favorite distributor, and get it NOW!

“Do you feel great? Sing.” James 5:13, the message

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