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a big day!

Today, Tuesday, August 26th, 2008 is a great day!  A big day!  One of my favorite bands of all times, Deas Vail, has an ep release today on itunes!  You will want to rush over there right now and buy it!  The ep is called White Lights, and it’s amazing.  I would not lie to you.  Go.  now.  seriously.


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Sublime Heights

From my devotional, God Calling…..

Our Lord, we know that Thou art great and able to deliver us.

“I am your Deliverer.  Trust in Me absolutely.  Know that I will do the very best for you.  Be ready and willing for My Will to be done.

Know that with Me all things are possible.  Cling joyfully to that truth.

Say many times, “All things are possible with my Master, my Lord, my Friend.”

This truth, accepted and firmly believed in, is the ladder up which a soul can climb from the lowest of pits to the sublimest of heights.

Ah, what a great way to start the day.  Great way to start the week!  Enjoy all the fullness of what God has for you, friends!

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I love vacations!  Truly, they can be such wonderful times of family, rest, and recreation.  This year however, my husband became so sick, that we visited the Doctor’s office twice in our five day stay!  NOT our plan for our vacation.  I’ve tried and tried to figure out a reason why.  All together in a house in the mountains, absolutely perfect weather, ALL my beloved children under one roof, and my man sick.  I’m not sure God has answered my “why” question, but I do know that we are blessed.  When I awoke suddenly one morning, and instantly started crying, overwhelmed with so many things, my husband (in a very raspy, sickly voice) reminded me that we are very blessed.  This came out of the mouth of a man who had barely left the couch or bed since we had arrived.  He did not complain.  He praised His God.  So, indeed, that’s what we did.  We found pleasure in all that occurred.  In each other.  In our surroundings.  In spite of his illness, we laughed.  Made memories.  And I’m thankful.  I love each of my family more than ever. 

Arriving back home, with his illness mostly healed in time for the work week, we begin a new schedule tomorrow. School starts, my daughter’s work starts, and the fall will get underway.  Though I do not feel the rest in my body, I do in my spirit.  God visited us there on the mountain, and restored our souls.  Not in the “Norman Rockwell” vacation I had pictured, but in one He gave my family.  Because after all, we look nothing like a Norman Rockwell painting!  God gave us much even when it felt like we lost much.  He blessed us beyond measure, and on this day, I praise Him.  I wonder if you, too, can think of a time you praised Him in the midst of lack?  Perhaps you want to do it today…….


Psalm 96:4
“For great is the LORD and most worthy of praise; He is to be feared above all gods.” 

Psalm 145:3
“Great is the LORD and most worthy of praise; His greatness no one can fathom.”

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Cling to Him

Honestly, I have a full heart.  So many thoughts.  So full of feelings.  So lacking in words.  Seriously, the words are few.  God recently has pressed on my heart the word “cling” this evening.  Cling to Him. I have been praying for some dear people in my life this week.  I am praying this for them.  That they would cling to Him.  I pray it for my loved ones.  I pray it for myself.  I pray it for you.  Cling, dear friends. to Him. to nothing else but Him.   

“Because You are my help, 
 I sing in the shadow of Your wings.  My soul clings to You; 
  Your right hand upholds me.”  Psalm 63:7-8

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ok, so this is one of my favorite time of the year!  Seriously?!!  Mid August in Texas you say?!!  no, not that – time to see my SONS!!!!  The boys are coming home!!!  Well, two of them, for now, then in another week, will get to see firstborn!  My heart is full, just thinking of the joy.  My gosh, it has been a while, and I’m in need of being mom to my boys.   You know, fixing them foods they love, taking them where they want to go, scratching backs, hanging with them on the porch (no, you’re right – too hot for that).  You get the idea.  watching movies, playing games, talking.  lots and lots of talking.  But for me, I look most forward to the listening.  Hearing all that is going on in their lives, and soaking it all in.  Pondering it all in my heart.  Yes, we definitely keep up with calls, texts, and emails.  But still.  There’s nothing as sweet as having them in our HOME! In person and all.  So, I’m happy. real happy.

Thus the need to stock up.  Make sure we have meat.  bread.  potatoes.  and cookie baking stuff.  etc.  So, there you go – the first of the “stock up” trips completed, and we are in good shape.  We are happy.  And ready.  COME ON HOME BOYS!!!

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faith, part 2

I am inside on a rainy day (see previous post) about to dig into work I have with me from the office.  The rain is that perfect kind of rain – not too hard but loud enough to hear.  soothing.  restful.  We certainly could use some rest from our over 100 degree temperatures!  Before starting work, I dug into the Word, along with my summer Bible study.  It has been so very good.  Today I was in Daniel 3, and it just seemed to be the very thing to mention as a follow up the last faith post.  I was praying for my friends who are dealing with overwhelming circumstances, and thinking how when the struggles press in, how we either turn TO God or AWAY from Him.  What do you tend to do – run to Him, or from Him?

In Daniel 3, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego definitely stand for God, run to Him, staking their very lives on His power and love.  You absolutely MUST go read this – I’m sure you know the story, but refresh yourself with it.  I’ll wait.  Go ahead…..

What struck you in this chapter as profound?  To me, I think the fact that these three young people did what was opposite culture, FOR God.  They stood up to not just the culture of the day, but the governing rules, and requirements.  And as my study led me to see, they also stood up to the King’s anger.  “They were ultimately alone in this….not to mention, they had to do it in the face of great anger.”  No Other Gods, Kelly Minter.  whew.  Not my favorite thing, that’s for sure.  

As I remember my precious friends, who are struggling at this time, I pray for their stand to be strong for God – for their faith to be in His hope, and His power.  My absolutely favorite line in this chapter, after the young men were saved from the impossible fire, was the King in his decree, telling one and all that…”no other god can save in this way.”  (Daniel 3:20)  No. other. god.  ever.  Focus on the One Who can, and will save you.  Praise Him today, no matter what you are going through. In spite of what you are going through. No matter what obstacles are in your way.  Your praise will be heard by Him as a sweet sacrifice.

Hebrews 13:15-16 

15 “Through Jesus, therefore, let us continually offer to God a sacrifice of praise—the fruit of lips that confess his name. 16 And do not forget to do good and to share with others, for with such sacrifices God is pleased.”

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Greetings, this morning.  Well, at least it’s morning as I write this.  I am working from home today, as we are expected to have effects from a tropical storm today.  So far, not even much rain at my home.  Do you ever get tired of the “drama” of newscasters and weather forecasters when there is such a storm threatening?  Is it too much, or necessary to our safety as a community?  Their recent lingo is “don’t let your guard down”, so of course, my husband is calling out to me every three seconds “DON’T LET YOUR GUARD DOWN!”.  fun times.

We had an interesting experience going to purchase gasoline last night though.  (do you even care?!!)  As you know, the gas prices are outrageous, though the last few weeks, they have dropped a bit.  Well, at our local grocery store, if you spend a particular amount, you get 10 cents off their gas prices.  We had that opportunity, so we went to the store to fill up.  As we approached the pump, the attendant announced to us that they were out of unleaded gas.  (you’re kidding, right?  nope.  serious.)  They had plenty of premium, though.  Well, we’re just not premium people, you know?  We are more basic, lowest price, kind of folks.  So we just stood there.  So very tired after a very long day, almost too tired to try to figure out the cost of premium vs. going to another location.  

We decided to stay, fill up on premium…..well, get this!  As we entered our card number, and pushed the button, we had gotten 40 cents off each gallon of that gasoline!!!  ($3.44 a gallon!!) We had no idea why.  honestly…..We paid much less for that premium gasoline than we have paid for regular unleaded in such a long time.  What a small thing, but such a joy.  Just a very simple thing – that delighted us in the midst of storm preparations.  What we thought was a frustrating thing, turned into such a blessing.  That’s what I pray God does for you today.  Shows you through His unfailing love and care, the tiniest of ways He loves on you.  Ask Him for eyes to see these small blessings.  And don’t forget to give Him praise for each of these.

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