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Accidents happen

Hi. On the way to work today, I was hit by a truck. I’m serious. It wasn’t bad, really. I am totally fine. But it happened at an intersection where i ALWAYS watch to make sure the left lane people all know they have to turn. You know, it’s like I think I can actually make them all behave, or something. I’ve seen so many “near misses” at that very place in the past. Well, unfortunately, today it wasn’t working for me – I was singing along, worshipping – not really distracted so much as so happy in Jesus, and actually forgot to look next to me to make sure they were all turning left. Because that’s where I was going – left. Well, by the time I remembered to check to my left, it was too late. Fortunately, the hit was to my left bumper, and did not impair my driving. We both pulled over, into a car dealership parking lot, and assessed the damage. exchanged information. made a call to her insurance. etc.

I’ve thought a lot about this. Actually, just yesterday at lunch with my co-workers, we had a discussion about car accidents. My last one? my only other one, actually – 17 years ago. totalled my car, uninsured driver hit me, got ticketed, but I was the one left having to buy a new vehicle. And this morning, I had another. During the day today, I felt a bit like whining – such an inconvenience to get the car fixed, deal with insurance, etc. But, even with that small desire trying to crop up to complain, I was overwhelmed with gratitude for being ok. overwhelmed. Like I could have been really hurt,and I wasn’t. I escaped. God allowed me to escape. I am overflowing with thankfulness! I often, especially when all the kids were little and still home, would just bubble over with joy and thankfulness at moments when I realized all were under my roof, and all were ok. Such gratefulness at God’s goodness. I felt that again this morning.

Let me tell you a bit about the woman who hit me. It obviously was an accident. Literally. She didn’t know she could only turn left from that lane, she missed all the signs, and she was so sorry, and so contrite, took full responsibility, and told her insurance company exactly that. But there was an underlying sadness in her. Maybe sadness isn’t the word. I can’t exactly explain it, but I believe God allowed me to see her as He sees her. I had no idea if she has a relationship with Him , but I was very aware that I was to react as He would. The whole half hour went so well, as we were getting ready to leave, she hugged me. amazing. I found myself praying for her throughout the day.

And on the way home, I found myself calling her to see how her day went. She was so thankful that I had been so kind to her, and I gushed all over about how she didn’t shirk responsibility and how much I appreciated that. She told me it was the right thing to do. I told her that thanking her, and appreciating her doing the right thing was also the right thing for me to do. So, of course, then I had to invite her to come to Bible study! I just told her that I would be so thankful if she would consider coming. She said she would. Consider it, that is. I really think she needs God. I think she needs fellowship. I know I just needed to ask her. So, will you join me in praying that the Lord would woo her to Him? That He would prompt her to think often about this Bible study, and maybe soften her heart so that she would come? Then maybe there would be some fruit from this day, this accident. Thanks for letting me share. Remember I told you I didn’t feel comfortable with this blog being all about me? Well, if we each pray for this woman, this Amber, tonight, then wouldn’t it really all about Him?

This had been my verse this morning…..”We have known and believe the love that God has for us. God is love, and he who abides in love abides in God, and God in him.” 1 John 4:16
His blessings to you – and drive carefully!


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He hears me

Greetings, friends. I am thankful for you today! I have spent the majority of the morning getting to worship while I tended to tasks around home. I had my earphones plugged in my ears, and sang right out loud to God as I worked. It was amazing. 🙂 not my voice, mind you! I am only a “joyful noise” as the Word calls it. But what it did to me, inside. How it made me focus, and concentrate on our Creator, our God, our King. amazing. As I prayed for my loved ones, for you, for those in need, and sang, I knew He was with me, and heard. I know He heard. Can you even believe that?!!! I mean, He hears us!!! wow. He hears. “This is the confidence we have in approaching God; that if we ask anything according to His will, He hears us. And if we know that He hears us – whatever we ask – we know that we have what we asked of Him.” 1 John 5:14-15 So, my prayer for you today is that you talk to Him, and that you know He hears you. He loves you so much! Bask in His love today…….

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Sheer Joy

Ever just feel overflowing with joy?!!! Like you can barely stand the excitement?!! Well, after the last few days, I am just bursting from it! I had gotten home safely from such a great time in the mountains, getting to hang out with my firstborn, to having my other two sons arrive home at the very same time, on the same day! Why is that unusual? you might ask. Well, one was traveling back from Hawaii, a “work” trip with a band he works with, and the other was returning from Africa, after spending a few weeks there on a mission trip. The fullness of joy! My boys are home!!!

I only had Mark home for about 12 hours, as he has already returned to Nashville for his last year of college. But while he was here, it was mighty good. mighty good. I know many of you are still in the toddler/preschool years. And, believe me, those were such tiring years for me. I miss them – the guys when they were little, such sweet boys, with their baby sister. But this season? I really really miss my people when they are not here. So for a few sweet hours, my home was full. really full, actually. We had an amazing 8 extra spend the night last night – and fed them all too! A delight to my heart.

So, I write this, full of joy. Tired, but full of joy. And, if that was not enough fun for the last few days, I have also received some really really great news from a couple of different dear friends. I mean, the kind of news that can make you want to offer God a praise dance right where you are. so, of course, I did. Not while any of my guests were watching, of course! But praise Him, I have!!!
So, this is my prayer for you today. That you, too, have some great praiseworthy and awe-filled times with God. For whatever reason you can think of. How about for the sunrise this morning. How about for dear ones in your life that you can’t imagine living without. For God speaking to you right where you are. For God. period. He is what it is all about, after all. I praise Him along with you. He is great, and worthy to be praised! “May God our Father Himself and our Master Jesus clear the road to you! And may the Master pour on the love so it fills your lives and splashes over on everyone around you, just as it does from us to you. May you be infused with strength and purity, filled with confidence in the presence of God our Father when our Master Jesus arrives with all His followers.” 1 Thessalonians 3:11-13, the message

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from Psalm 36

“Your love, O Lord, reaches to the heavens, Your faithfulness to the skies. Your righteousness is like the mighty mountains, Your justice like the great deep. O Lord, You preserve both man and beast. How priceless is Your unfailing love! Both high and low among men find refuge in the shadow of Your wings. They feast on the abundance of Your house; You give them drink from Your river of delights. For with You is the fountain of life; in Your light we see light.” Psalm 36:5-9

These verses just leaped off the page as I read tonight. I mean, they are profound, don’t you think? I wanted to write just one part of one verse, and focus on it, because all together it seems just too much, but I simply couldn’t stop reading, and writing them. For His majesty has no end. I am in awe. again. Of His grandness. His faithfulness. His vastness. His love.

As I continue to play in the mountains, I’ve tried to sear the panoramic views into my mind. I’ve tried to capture the fresh mountain air. I’ve wanted to “save” it all. So when I’m running back home, I can replay it all in my mind, and bring myself back to this place. It actually won’t work that way. Sure, I’ll have wonderful memories, but the minute I open my door to step out to run, I will be slapped with heat and humidity. Yes, at 5:45 am. My cool mountain air will only be a memory. I can’t change the facts of Texas weather in August.

But, you know what I can take home with me? The reminder in the Word of Who my God has been to me. How vast He is, how faithful, how grand. The same God Who has met with me here in these mountains, is also going to be meeting with me on the hot, humid streets in my hometown. He meets with you in your home, as you tend your young children. He meets with you in your business meeting, as you are challenged to be a light in the darkness. He meets with you in your new college dorm, as you move in, and get ready for classes. He meets with you as you hear a diagnosis you were not ready for. He meets with you in your lonliness. He is indeed big enough to handle any challenge your life may present. His love is unfailing. unfailing. it. will. never. fail. ever. Praise Him!

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“He replied, ‘Every plant that My heavenly Father has not planted will be pulled up by the roots.'” Matthew 15:13

Oh, how I love to weed! I know, it’s perhaps crazy, but there’s something about getting down in the dirt, and pulling out what does not belong. I have missed tending my garden. We moved from our own home last fall, and have been renting a house till our new one is complete. Among other things, too lengthy to mention, I miss my own flowerbeds. I have been weeding at the rent house, but it’s not the same. I didn’t plant any of it. I don’t even understand some of the flower beds. I mean, really, they are so random. I pull weeds, but it’s just not as satisfying somehow. Here, in the perfect mountain place, I come to rest, relax, and find that for the past two days, I have also loved weeding. Pulling those things not adding to the beauty. Tidying up the beds, and trimming back the growth. All while listening to my favorite music of course. Praising Him for all things He has planted – on earth, and in me. joy! Sometimes I even have just stopped, looked up to His mountains, and sang outloud! (for those of you who know I can only make a “joyful noise”, you may be thankful to know no one else was home at the time!)

Anyway, all this weed pulling reminded me of this verse that I have been praying for years – for myself, and my children. Pull up anything that is not of You, Lord! I mean it – even if I don’t recognize it as such, get it out of my life, so I can further, completely, and wholly glorify You. So while weeding today, I prayed it again for me. I prayed it for you. I prayed it for my loved ones. For my dear friends. For those of you I may not have met yet. For those I love so much who were singing in my ears. I prayed that the Lord would pluck out anything in you, in your lives, that He had not planted there. by the ROOTS. so that it will never return. Dear friends, let’s be ready to hear Him, obey Him, and serve Him well, with clean hearts, and well groomed lives.

My plan tomorrow is to weed some more. You want to join me?

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Forced Blogging

Hello, friends. I greet you today from much higher than my usual sea level. I am on vacation, and so far enjoying not sweating, no humidity, and brilliant views. Magnificent! I have already had an amazing time with the Lord as I gaze across His masterpiece of mountains, lakes, and streams. The butterflies, hummingbirds, and birds have been really fun to watch too. No bears, yet.

As you read in the previous post, I have been forced, by a “friend” to do this blog thing. I had hoped as I shared this the other day with a co-worker and another “good friend”, that she would have told me that I really didn’t need to do it, but she agreed with 1st friend, and couldn’t believe I wasn’t doing this already. some friend.

So, I prayed about it. a lot, really. I truly don’t feel as my blog maker said, that “I have a lot to say”, but I do indeed feel God has a lot to say. So, my hope and prayer is that this is a place to ponder those things. That we can share verses, and His Word together. As a matter of fact, I think that could be a really great way to honor Him. So thanks for joining me.

So, let me share with you a Word He refreshed me with just this morning. I was running, in this most beautiful Colorado, along a path with huge trees on the mountain to one side, and wildflower filled meadows on the other. Of course, a stream was babbling nearby as well. I had my favorite worship music blaring in my ears, and could hardly contain my joy at what my eyes were seeing. seriously. The way the praise music danced with my scenic view nearly raptured me. I was thinking of so many Scriptures and praises to the One who created it all – just for me. Yes, I take the mountains personally. They are mine. For me to love, enjoy, and give Him praise for. So, after that wonderful hour, I returned to the lovely outside deck, in the sunshine, to read…..”I will sing to the Lord all my life; I will sing praise to my God as long as I live. May my meditation be pleasing to Him, as I rejoice in the Lord.” Psalm 104:33-34 wow. My prayer today for you, and for me, is that we can rejoice in the Lord all the days of our lives. Truly, every day. every moment. Whether they seem rejoice-worthy or not.

So, whether you are looking out your window and seeing mountains, or concrete, whether you are enjoying glorious weather, or storms, whether you “feel” God, or not, know this. He is crazy about you! He loves you so so much. And wants you to love Him back. It may not always be easy, but it’s always right. Bask in His love today. And love Him back. till next time, His blessings to you……

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welcome to my NEW BLOG!

much thanks to my GOOD FRIEND, Aaron for setting this blog up for me. he says that i have SO MUCH to say. i talk alot, i talk loud, and i talk with determination….so here we go.

first things first… Jamie and Aaron Ivey have the cutest kids i’ve ever seen.

second, SPUR58 is my favorite band.

thirdly, pink is my favorite color.

fourth, i have unspoken desires to be a fashion designer OR a biomechanical engineer.

fifth, i love Hip Hop Ab Workout, Enrique Iglesias records, and Sit and Be Fit on PBS.

thanks for tuning in to my little world….buckle your seatbelt.

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